Call It What U Want

Above The Law

[Featuring 2Pac, Money B]

You've now entered the quest to, the black triangle

Now you know the reason for the Black Mafia theory, hahaha

Yes it has many meanings, but no matter how you define it

it still comes out black

See it's just a hair trim

So you can call it what you want


Now I clown around, when I hang around, with the Underground

but when I'm with the Mafia we DROPPIN YA

And if you're a hoe then I'll be knockin ya, baby why not

You shouldn't jock me cause I'm popular

The group with the glock, I love to pop the gun

Coppers get shot, they shouldn't try to stop the Mafia

2Pac'll pack a person, pump the trunk

I'm bumpin G-Funk, but you can call it what you want

How many times I gotta tell ya, don't ignore me

Either be my hoe or hit the do', you're nothin for me (see ya!)

That's why I love to go on tour G

Scores of whores behind the door, a nigga's naughty

Now, I'm sippin on a forty

So you can call it what you want just pass the blunt and kick it Money

[Money B]

Well, I am the danger, THE DANGER, similar to a killer

I rhyme for rounds of conflicts chomp and stomp em while y'all chillin

in Tokyo, check it as I choke a slow poke rapper

Capped his ass faster, than a half of pound of crepes'll go on

Mother's Day

First and fifteenth, another way of sayin it

I got new clips so trip but it's OK to get your crew

Cause ooh I'll send your team to the showers

They true and do and rippin and got the Wonder Twin powers

I devour much venom, lunch breaks I shit em, I just stink

Whaddya think, this is a threat? Just forget about it

Come back, you're done black, see Cutty was the stopper

But you'll call me the indo when I chop ya with the shopper

Sting ya with the stinger, flex the trigger finger

I blow you to bits and I be gettin a kick out of grabbin the mic and


lyrics with the maximum security

I smoke a spliff but