Of Greetings And Goodbyes


Now ending discreetly, just like a hidden sin,

as I go under please tuck me in.

Make me invisible.

This hidden explosion calls for a wandering cast with no direction.

Enter all monsters let us twist another fairy tale.

Go kill the lights, we'll glow till morning comes.

I'll say goodnight and bow to everyone.

Then we go under.

The beauties are sleeping as fruit just rots away.

Today go hungry.

Let it begin.

Make me invincible.

There was a weeping I carried down today, a sigh worth keeping.

Deep within divinity let's star another secret show.

No need to worry it is just another monster.

No need to fear here in the secret show.

No need to worry I am just another monster.

In you, I'll see me, in the secret show
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