He Who Laughs Last ...


No trust

can be given freely,

its' a valuable commodity,

but obviously this is something you've never learned.

Faith is something that you put in friends,

and had I excess morals to lend,

I'd let you borrow them,

but my trust you haven't earned.

We've got a problem?

First of all there is no "we", I'm detached from you completely.

I've got a problem.

You tell lies to my friends and think it won't get back to me.

No bond can ever seem to make a stable fit in our relationship,

but one thing that never comes between us is honesty.

When you have something to say,

you always seem to find a way to avoid the truth or instead

avoid me.

Straight up is how you'll see me stand,

but it is never in your plans to be straight forward,

so instead,

you use deceit.

Now I would like to take apart what you've been breaking from the start.

I'll remain intact,

I won't be broken in defeat.

No trust!

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