Dream Of Waking


I feel it washing over me,

the slow poisonous tide.

Pins and needles dance on me.

Sickness undefined

Now I'm afraid to face the sky.

Please someone hear my haunted cries.

Please them waken me.

With eyes sewn shut I still can see all that is surrounding me.

I end up somewhere, somewhere between...

between a dream and motionless reality,

will I forever life?

I feel binding so smoothly.

I see myself below.

I feel it gnawing, eating me.

Poisonous and slow.

My mind it speeds.

My voice has died.

God let me make the faintest cry.

Opened up and for the taking,

just one touch and I'll be yours.

Opened up wide for the breaking.

Just one touch and I'll be yours.

What's on the other side of the mirror?

To cry,

I try,

to break the static keeping me here in between.

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