Aspirin Free


There's no hope of helping us,

we've only just begun.

We're youth eternal,

nothing more to become.

A thousand lights are burning from both ends. We're proud of reputations we all own.

Together forever.

Rejected but never alone.

Together forever.

I'd purify the world with one primal scream,

but no one would listen.

Keep dark secrets to myself,

because no one else will talk to me.

It's hard for me to comprehend,

they couldn't understand all the thoughts going through our heads.

With a smile they tore us up,

now look what we've become.

Finally we are numb.

No need to.

No need to feel.

I've got a nothingness and that's all that's real.

No need to cut the numbness inside.

No need to.

No need to hear.

What you've got to say means nothing at all.

I've got no distance left to fall.

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