Throw It All Away

Toad The Wet Sprocket

Music by Glen Phillips and Toad. Lyrics by Glen Phillips.

take your cautionary tales

take your incremental gain

and all the sychophantic games

and throw 'em all away

burn your tv in your yard

and gather 'round it with your friends

and warm your hands upon the fire

and start again

take the story you've been told

the lies that justify the pain

the guilt the weighs upon your soul

and throw 'em all away

tear up the calendar you've bought

and throw the pieces to the sky

confetti falling down like rain

like a parade to usher in your life

take the dreams that should have died

the ones that kept you lying awake

when you should've been all right

and throw 'em all away

with the time i waste on the life i never had

i could've turned myself into a better man

'cause there ain't nothing you can buy

and there is nothing you can save

to fill the whole inside your heart

so throw it all away

won't fill the whole inside your heart

help me empty out this house

the wool i've gathered all these days

and thought i couldn't do without

and throw it all away