One Little Girl

Toad The Wet Sprocket

One little girl

Told to know her place

Told she must believe

And do what he says

One little girl

Taught that she is small

Taught that she is less

And man's decree is law

One little boy who'd know her too well

But that one little boy could send her to hell

One little man who'd care if she cried

But that one little man would leave her

And then she'd die

One little girl

Is beaten 'till she faints

Told that this is love

Told that she will have to take it

One little girl

Is just a bit confused

Thought that she was human too


One little girl

Couldn't run away

Anywhere she'd go

The rules and men the same

One little girl

Couldn't take the pain

Numbed herself 'till none remained