Toad The Wet Sprocket

(I saw something


out on the water

I asked my dad for a nickel

He gave it to me

It was kind of misty

I couldn't be sure what it was

And of course, he wouldn't tell me)

in time i will collect the world

the eggs and wings of butterflies i love the wings

of butterflies

a man drove up in an ugly car

and he flashed his lights at everything he saw

and his eyes were red

and his stereo was so loud you couldn't hear the engine's roar

and he yelled at everybody in the road

and did not notice all the moths he'd massacred

spread across the open road

(weird when you get close

to something that BIG

you can't see anything at all...)

in time i will

collect the world

the eggs and wings of you who fall on

butterflies calvary

had you wings of i give my children


a moth had settled upon his arm and he looked at it with a lazy eye

and he lifted up a gigantic hand

and he spread his fingers towards the sky

and he nudged the moth to make it fly away

but moths are fragile things

and he just wiped its ody down across his shoulder blade

he's a wonder, he's a little black-wing boy

oh my daughters

he'll fill you with joy

in time i will

collect the world

the hearts and limbs of

butterflies you who soar o'er


had you wings of

butterflies oh father, i offer