Thin Ice

The Soviettes

I might not know just everything
But what I hear is that you kind of brought this on yourself
Well not quite you, but some before
They set it up so that the one you're after sat on top, they put him in a privileged spot
They gave him everything he's got
And now he's keeping to himself, so send someone for your revenge?
Well maybe not revenge
It's been suggested that you're out to finish up your daddy's war
You say it's not okay for them to have enough to wipe us out, so why is it okay for you?
It seems to me that since no one's got their hands on anyone for what happened last year
You're using this as a distraction
If you stepped back a minute I would hope you'd see
Its better that you work this out yourself
I know you won't miss kids like us, but kids like yours will pay the price
How will they see you then?
I wonder what they think of your big plan to wipe those people out
This could be your biggest regret
The ice you're on has never been so thin