Channel X

The Soviettes

They know they're doing this on the west coast to the east coast
And so do all the stations from Fargo to Chicago
There's local heroes and kids who cant do the math
But the one who did only points at the weather map
Bury me with stories of 200 ghosts
The lakes and the fakes always get the most:coverage
So put the feel good to start-the rest put later on
To end a segment on stars
The war? Lets lead them on
Channel X Channel 0 Ch. Ch. X
Just look at what they do when the pressures on to dumb us down
"Let's go with a piece on a diet trend"-what a mastermind!
And if our arms don't reach-are they too short?
These ideas and mindsets should make it through
But as long as we know who won the game last night-we know we never might
Please put the world first, so when we're all in one spot is it a riot now?
And with a flight jacket on, am I a pilot now?
10 O'Clock
10 O'Clock
That's when the world stops!