Angel A

The Soviettes

Angela, your smile seems too bright today
And you eyes-big, brown, and glassy far away
Angela, it's hard to hold it all inside
Angela, don't cry
Angela, your square jawed words sound sure and strong
And your voice has practiced for so long
Angela, its hard when what seems right is wrong
Angela, are you absolutely sure about your test results?
Yeah, I guess I could see how this is all his fault
Wait-what the hell?! You took him out?!
Oh, Angela-Angela, I'll miss you
I hope you make it through all that you'll have to do, I had such hopes for you
Angela, how could you?
Its easy now to get a gun
They hand them out to anyone
Didn't think about it
Didn't think until I'd seen what I done
Angel-A, you always said you were heaven sent this way