Don't Say No

The Soviettes

Three times in a row you say I don't know
You gotta pick it up-take these shoes
In the back of the club the rain's making me numb
I watched you pull two from your pocket
Well oh my God you just cut the wires in my head and brain's disconnected too
Well gimme the keys to your car, I'll give you 125 on that back of the bus to:
Don't say no right now!
One trap on the left-the other's to the right
You gotta hurry up and pick a trap man
These kids wont wait
Its always too late and by the way you can never sell it back to 'em
One shot to your brain-the other's to your heart
And nothings like "as seen on tv" now
Well gimme the keys to your house
2 stacks of 45's and I'm turning off the lights now:
Don't say no right now!