Cancion Sencilla [Free Translation]

Richard Shindell

My love, I'm sorry not to have written you sooner
Even though I always wanted to, I could not
What can I say? I'm a little slow
It took me all these years to learn your beautiful language
And still not well enough

So I offer you my first attempt
A simple song which says only that I love you

Already problems present themselves:
Your reflexive pronouns,
Your accords [of gender and number]
Your accents
Not to mention your subjunctive
That fascinating, esoteric, impenetrable mystery
Which for the moment I don't need to use
Because my love is so certain


Let's pass our nights whispering,
Conjugating your beautiful verbs
Let's begin - you have so many:
I live, you live, we will live
I love, you love, we will love
To leave, to return, to stay
And, of course, to whisper
I love you