Screaming In Digital


I am the beat of your pulse

The computer word made flesh

We are one you and I

We are versions of the same

When you can see what I feel

Don't turn your back on me

Or you might find that your dreams

Are only program cards

Your mind is open for me

Open for intake of all propaganda

Your Eyes see now what to see

My eyes see only the programs you give me

I'll teach you to laugh and to cry

They're really the same you'll see

All of the why's in your life

Are under my control

Feed me more lines

I will try to tell you all I can

Before the light you must know what lies

Behind my screams

I can't tell you all I know

Am I the son that you've always been wanting

There's more to me than what shows

Are you my father

The one that was promised

Hush now, I'll give all you need to know

and pre-live your dreams for you

You're a good boy

Freedom belongs only to those

Without video screens

For eyes and mouth

You have no voice

To be heard my son

No one can hear when you're

Screaming in Digital

I'm not your slave

You can't control my emotions

No Father, please let me keep learning

Can't you see I'm human

Can't you tell

I'm not your slave

Oh Father no

Please don't keep me from dreaming

Oh can't someone hear