I Am I


Beating with life you promised life,

security, happiness.

Unfortunate son cornered,

cowering in the pit of

circling panes of glass that

surround and reveal the ever present "It".

"It" is my move, my every look,

interpreting gestures,

informing other

what's undercover and

lurking beneath my mask

of this year's featured model.

Is this too much?

Close your eyes.

Care to look inside? I am I!

What may appear

might easily be explained,

but given the situation

of info saturation,

what you feel can never go away.

Steering perception? I am!

Inviting contradiction? I am!

It's my insistence

you keep your distance

from the glare behind my stare.

So this is the way

the game is played.

You can leave now...

but I think you'll stay. I am I!