Protests in New York
Listen to the call of the wild
Brother, sisters carrying signs
Breathe deep before it's too late
The sky is falling burning your eyes
Down in New Orleans
River's boiling, nothing living, nothing to eat
Thank the Lord, Daddy's working 8-5
Paying the doctor, baby's got cancer

Give and take
Has all we've learned been wrong?
Look around at what we've been given
Maybe we've taken too long
Resistance-shouts the man on the right
Can't solve the problem overnight
Ristance-listen to the call of the wild

Burning coal
Got to keep the company warm as the rain keeps killing the trees
Cut 'em down quick
Pay the man his wage, he's making paper
To fuel the "information age"
Out in the Midwest, hear the roar of the plough
Turning grassland into sand
got to feed the people more everyday
But the wind keeps blowing the land away


Resistance-liberal opposition crying violation
Stop the madness
Resistance-through the din, one voice we should hear
Resistance-listen to the call of the wild

There's no easy solution
The price is high, and it's time to pay
Turn of the century vision, focused on a better way