A Little Romancing

Ning Baizura

When you find yourself all alone you might just think of me
J ust remember the times that we had before you walked out on me
When you used to whisper 'I love you' I used to think it was true
Now I know that you only wanted someone begging for more
Baby don't you know how I dream of lying next to you
Close my eyes and I will see you with me how I wish it was true
I can't forget the feelings inside me no matter how much I try
So take my hand and I'll lead you down
Down to paradise Can't you see I need you
Can't you see I love you
Do you have to know the reasons why
Give me all your loving
More and more each day
Open up your heart and you will know
A little romancing
Makes you feel good
When you need some sunshine in your life
A little romancing
Makes you feel good
When you need some one to love
Just call my name
Baby, now's the time that I want you right here next to me
Everything was so good
Let me tell you
Just in case you forgot
When you said you'll love me forever I hoped that it could be true
You and I together can m ake it if you give it a chance
Spending time alone just reminds me how it used to be
Giving you all my love was so foolish but I'd do it again
Can you give me answers to all of the questions I have for you
If you can't know I won't mind so long as you're back with me