Love Riot


If these streets could talk
They'd tell us things
Of shattered hearts and wars unseen
It's a battle we can't win alone
We need saving desperately
He made a way, said follow Me
Give up your life for something more
Oh, what are we waiting for
Let's take it around the world
We'll start a fight and join the fight
In this love riot
Oh, ready, set, here we go
From London (New York) to Tokyo
You gotta unite and
Join the fight in this love riot
We are an army of the truth
We're on the march to rescue you
Don't have to make it on your own
We're holy rebels and when we yell
The mountains fall, the oceans swell
This is the time to let them know
We'll take to the streets, yeah
We'll take to the streets
Exploding with love
He's already won this, already won this
What are we waiting for
What are we waiting for

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