Dear Shame


I catch you digging in my trash for stuff I've long thrown away. You bring it back on a tray.
And I hear you wheezing in the hall spreading gems and old news.
You always love to confuse.
I flee the light just to live in your shadow. I'm needing mercy and you offer me blame.
Dear Shame:
You're oh so eager to toy with me.
You're always stealing the joy in me.
You love to whisper my name, Dear Shame, Dear Shame.

You've got me living like a bug, crawling in fear. (It's been a very long year.)
I dream of growing some wings, I think I'm flying away, then you point and you spray.
All my hidden secrets crave the light of forgiveness.
You pull the shades, you accuse and you blame.


I fled the light just to live in your shadow. I needed mercy, and you offered me blame.

Dear Shame:
I think I'm wise to your strategy. I won't be needing your company. My name's eternally clear, Dear Shame, Dear Shame.

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