I, I wanna follow like a shadow
I don't need no one to see me, I just wanna chase You down
I, I wanna trail like an echo
I don't need no one to hear me, I just wanna make You loud
I'm about one name, one life, one story
I'm alive to bring You glory
You took my blame and You paid the debt I owed
I'm gonna lay me down to lift You up
You're the only king in the kingdom come
If I live, if I die, my life will show
You're my hero
Light shattering the darkness
Taking up a cross, You reached beyond my brokenness
Love overturning all the heartache
Taking on a grave, leaving death powerless
You took the nails
I'm forgiven
Cleared my name
Every sin is
Washed away
It is finished
You're the reason I am free
I'm about Your name, Your life, Your story
You are who You say You are
The evidence is in my heart

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