MC Solaar

I was cool sitting on a bench it was springtime

they pick up a daisy those are 2 lovers

overdose of sweetness they play like childrens

I love you a little a lot crazilly passionately

but following a painfull sentimental deception

from warmfull humor I became brutal

hatred of a being is not in our prerogatives

tchernobyl tcherno dumb (debile)! radio active jealousy

Caroline was a friend, a beautifull girl

I think back of her, of us, of our vanilla ice cones

at her boulimia of strawberies, raspberries, myrtles

at her futile frenzies (deliriums?), at her paste jewelry style

(style pacotille)(= cheap usually adjective used for plastic (or fake) jewelry)

I am the as of clubs who (spades) stings your heart

Like a 4 leaf clover (clubs) I looking to make you happy

I am the the man who comes in a nick of time to take your heart

(french title for the fall guy, also nick = pic sounds like spades)

we must take every precaution (carreau = diamonds), Caro this message comes

from the heart

A pyramid of kisses, a storm of friendship

a wave of caresses, a cyclon of softness

an ocean of thoughts, Caroline I offered you a skyscraper of tenderness

I am scared to death (peur bleue = blue fear) of being pursued by the red army

For you I took some green bills, I had to flee

Pyromaniac of your heart, canadair of your fears

I offered you a symphony of colors

She went away, maso(chist)

with an old macho

that she met in a station of metro

When I see them hand in hand smoking the same butt

I feel a pinch in my heart, but she doesn't dare say a word

I am the as of clubs who stings (spades) your heart

Claude MC (= MC Solaar) takes the microphone, love story ragga muffin style

to talk to you about a girl friend that we call Caroline

She was my lady, she was my dope

she was my vitamines

She was my drug, my dope, my coke, my crack

my amphetamins, Caroline

I think back of her, actual woman, 20 years young and beautiful

(Femme actuelle, 20 ans: fashion papers)

Let's play the film backwards, magneto of life

For her should I admit that tears have rolled out

occular hemmoragy, cheers for our friendship

Of the past present and I hope futur

I passed by to be present in your futur

Life is a game of cards

Paris a casino

I play red... heart, caro (diamonds)