Bouge De La (move Out Of My Way)

MC Solaar

Everything started in a city called Maison Alfort

When I see a weird mama which vibrates her body

She sais to me "MC solaar Come here so I give you some comforting"

I say "No thanx it's very nice but I don't eat porc"

move out (of my way)

I continue my trip arrive in Lyon train station

When I see a guy who boast he's very strong

like a lyon

He sais "Claude MC do you wanna boxe"

His hematoms were bigger than Samantha Fox's breasts

move out (of my way)

My floor neighbour, she's called Cassander

She's got a small dog she calls Alexander

She asks me "Claude MC do you wanna tyake him down"

I took my magnum, I have a hard time to get my shit down

move out (of my way)

Directly I went to Lucy's

Who loves dogs, cats and TV pet's shows

She says "Do you love beasts, you my super MC"

I said "Yeah, lov'em, with salt and well cooked"

move out (of my way)

Later in the metro there's a hobo hanging

he tells me his life, he tells me he comes from Rennes

Then he tells me that he sticks, that he should bathe

'tell him "Jump in the sewers, you'll land in the Seine (river)"

move out (of my way)

I continue my way, arrive at Boulevard Barbes

(Here I transposed to the equivalent in the US:)

when I see a mexican who came from mexico

(original: when I see a morrocan who came from marrakech)

He tells me "hombre, I'll buy your raps in pesetas"

(original: He tells me "arwhah, arwhah I'll buy your raps in dinars")

I said "no, I want some dollars 'cause they call me Solaar&