Sink or Swim

Kris Delmhorst

It's a thin thin sky, can't always hold me down
And it's a long long day by the time the night rolls around
Now it's all hashed out and we've shaken on the deal
But if it all came down to yes or no I would tell them this was real
I would tell them

That it's a crowded room, you can't know everyone's name
This is a big big world and I don't think you can feel all its pain
That's why we're all spread out and we each face our chosen few
And if it all came down to fight or flight I would take it on for you
I would take it all on for you

But it never sounds true when I try to say
That I hope I find you at the end of my day

is a living thing, and each one leaves me changed
One by one they breathe into me, and is it any wonder I seem strange?
And now it's all adrift
And we're moving though we don't know how
Because it all comes down to sink or swim and I am
Swimming for it now, I am
Swimming for it now, I am
Swimming for it now