Open Road

Kris Delmhorst

You could make a happy ever after with all the love I've thrown away
You could make some golden tomorrow with everything I left today
You could make a mountain of excuses, find me any reason to stay
But it's too late for making offers, too late for anything that anyone might say

Cause I got open road ahead of me
And it goes as far as I can see

(same as verse 1)
Once you had everything to teach me, once I had everything to learn
Now you can stand beside me one more time and watch these pretty bridges burn
And then you can take the high road way up there where everything's so clear
And I will keep wandering around these back alleyways
I will try to find my own way out of here, try to find that

Open road ahead of me
Cause it goes as far as I can see
And if the truth be told I'd live my life that way
With an open road, nothing to hold, and nothing standing in my way

And I will leave this sweet New England, I will leave these ghosts of you
I will climb onto that train, find a seat that's got no view
And I will take what I need with me, I will not take what I don't
And I will say that I'll be back here but I'll know that I won't
And I will live with empty pockets, I will live with empty sleeves
And I will know that there is nothing in this world I cannot leave
And I will tell my friends I love them, I will just hope that they know
That I need nobody beside me on this open road

You could make a happy ever after