Kris Delmhorst

Here in the dark, I won't even make a spark.
You're the only one who's never seen
The way I can light up in shades of gold and green.
I'm just a little firefly, I want to shine for you but I'm too shy,
So when you come around I hide my light.
But when you go away I shine for you all night.

Out there in the sun, I'd open up for anyone.
You're the only one who closes me
Because I want to be the brightest thing you've ever seen.
I'm just a little dandelion, I want to blossom but I'm scared of trying,
So I hide my head when you come into the room.
But when you go away I come right into bloom.

And I can't look down, I'm way too high,
And I can't look up, into your eyes.

Well I never was afraid to sing out loud, in front of anybody, any crowd.
You, you make me lose my nerve
Feel like something more than I could ever deserve.
I'm just a little hummingbird, I want to sing but I can't find the words,
So when you come around I just go still
But after you move on, when I know you're gone,
Then I sing for you the way I always will.