Stay Out Of Trouble


Step outside and feel the tingle
Trouble finds you every night
You wonder where nobody knows you
Your civil tone is not polite
You got no friends, you don't like people
You tried it once and they let you down
And after seven years you're still hurt and angry
And inside your head is an awful sound

Some say that trouble is my middle name
I find it very easy and I sin out just the same
So stay out of trouble, don't cry
Stay out of trouble, you'll die

You're on the street the clock strikes 11
And it takes that seven years away
Now you're walking with that lovely lady
And just like that you can hear her say
"Well I know for sure you ain't got the money
for an ounce of coke or a Cadillac!"
I said, "It ain't no use in trying to fool me
A big woman like you has got to fight back"


Inside your head it sounds like thunder
And your room becomes an ugly shell
You get in your car and you start the engine
And you drive with your right foot in hell
Well, someone said, "ain't that funny
Well, I saw that boy just the other night"
Went into this bar and really got rowdy
With his friends and him is an awful fight


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