John Mellencamp

Well I get up in the morning
Have a smoke, have a drink
Then I get dressed
I don't want to get to work too late
'Cause that bossman he's a real mean son-of-a-bitch
Everything is so fast and so crazy
But the day still slowly slips on by
And when that five o'clock whistle starts to blow
I'll be gone in a wink of an eye

Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again
And that long haired girl will be smiling
When she sees me walkin' in
Well all right, she looks so good
That she just hasta be a sin
Tonight, I'm gonna see my baby again

We'll walk over to the East Street Montgomery Pier
She says she likes holding something dangerous
She pulls me close and whispers in my ear
She says, "Come here little boy
I'll put my pussy right on your face
Because my fever is runnin' hot and high
And you're the boy that makes me feel like I'm alive"


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