John Mellencamp

RumbleseatJohn Cougar MellencampAll the leaves are greenAll my friends are goneI'm livin' in my hometownI can barely get alongI feel sorry for myselfThat's an easy thing to doI feel sorry for the worldI feel sorry for youYes I am a pitiful sightI can't even get one thing rightChorusI know just what it's likeTo be ridin' in the rumbleseatYes I know just what it's likeTo be a big time rider in the rumbleseatWell I could have a nervous breakdownBut I don't believe in shrinksI should be drunker than a monkeyBut I don't like to drinkCall up some girlsBut I'm afraid of the phoneI'm always talkin' to myselfI guess I'm never aloneAm I the only one that feels this wayI'd buy myself some stylish clothesBut I sure hate to payChorusThe sun is coming upJust goin' to bedI combed my hair with my pillowStill got some dreams leftTomorrow is a new dayGonna make these dreams come trueI'm gonna believe in myselfI'll tell you what I'm gonna doI'm gonna stop puttin' myself downI'm gonna turn my life aroundI'll be ridin' highWith my feet kicked up in the rumbleseatYeah we'll go for a driveAnd we'll be singin' shotgun from that rumbleseatYes I'll blow you a kissAnd we'll be ridin' big time in my rumbleseat

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