Hand To Hold On To

John Mellencamp

You can laugh and joke and make fun of your friends,

spin in the middle when your troubles begin,

Take it nice and easy and always pretend

that you're cool.........so cool..........so cool.

Say, "I'munna hold onto that a while and I will and I'll be tame",

Talk like a jerk on an educated brain,

Be an old girl drivin' the young boys insane,

Be a joker, a preacher....it does not matter.


Everyone needs a hand to hold on to

Everyone needs a hand to hold on to

Don't need to be no strong hand

Don't need to be no rich hand

Everyone just needs a hand to hold on to

Havin' good luck with your financial situation,

Play the ponies, be the president of the United Nation,

Go to work and be a Hollywood stand,

Drive your 4 wheel drive right into the mud, but

Repeat Chorus

And in those hours when you're alone,

And there's nobody there except yourself,

I know it.........You wanna pick up the phone,

and say, "Talk to me, talk to me, somebody please

talk to me!" Yeah!

Guitar solo

Ohh, yeah!


Repeat Chorus

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