Do You Think That's Fair

John Mellencamp

Well I see you've got a new boyfriend
Got your mixed up husband too
I got 25 dollars in my pocket
Want me to spend it all on you
But I know that you cheat on all of us
That's just the way that you do
Hey, girl, I don't care where you've been
I know, I've been there too

Woo, woo baby, Do you think that's fair?
Do we really have to be so lonely and so scared
Woo, woo baby, Do you think that's fair?
Well I know this is up to me and you
We make this thing turn out like we want to
Well, last time I thought about you
Didn't really think that much
And the last time we spoke you said
You were afraid of my touch
And then you went your way
I stumbled down a highway, I went mine
You know, I think it's funny the
Way infatuation gets beat up by the time


Well I see your life has evolved
Into one big masquerade
And all of those old fools you used to run to
They shot you full of old age
Well, don't go expecting too much no, no
From this new love affair
Probably fall flat on its face
No one to pick you up, no one who cares


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