Peanut Butter Conspiracy

Jimmy Buffett

Lookin' back at my hard luck days

I really do have to laugh

Workin' in a dive for twenty-six dollars

Spendin' it all on grass

We were hungry hard-luck heroes

Tryin' just to stay alive

So we'd go down to the corner grocery

And this is how we'd survive


Who's gonna steal the peanut butter

I'll grab a can of sardines

Runnin' up and down the isles of the Mini-Mart

Stickin' food in our jeans

We never took more than we could eat

There was plenty left on the rack

And we all swore if we ever got rich

We would pay the Mini-Mart back

Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!

We would pay the Mini-Mart back

It was a two man operation

Had it all down on a note

Ricky would watch that big round mirrior

And I'd fill up my coat

Then we'd head for the checkout isle

With a lemon and a bottle of beer

Head to the car, got to make it on home

'Cause supper time's gettin near


I guess every good picker has had some hard times

I sure had my share

It's really kind of funny to laugh at 'em now

But I don't wanna go back there

So every now and then when I'm in the grocery

I'll take a little but not much

'Cause you never know when those hard times'll hit ya'

And I don't want to loose my touch


Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! We would pay the Mini-Mart back!

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