Ladies and Gentlemen

Oh,oh, we like


Got pussy everywhere

Weed in the air

I'm in my underwear

My under the underwear

Liquor everywhere

Condoms over their

I'm in my underwear

My under the underwear

[Verse 1]

Come on ma, I'm ready to get naughty

Don't act like you ain't know this a house party

Gangsta boo, and I know you ain't try to harm me

But don't worry bout it cuz I got the condom on me

Live in effect, yeah affect and live

I like ya style, mama I'll just take it in stride

Look in my eyes

Do I look like the type of guy

That run up on you and tell you a damn lie

Ooh boo I'm tryin to get it

Now tell me is you wit it

And if it's simple as that

Then tell me can I hit it

I don't go it it

do you go it it

You don't go it it

Thenn act a bull wit it

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 2]

You 17, wit the ass of a women

I know you gettin Tipsy cuz the liquor keep on comin'

Lookin' right in ya tank tops and underwear

But ma I'm tryin to see whats under their

Oh, you like the crib

You diggin the gold shower

In the gold shower I'm handin out gold showers

Right now, I'm thinkin lets do this

17 dude, ready to ram I'm St.Louis

You wanna smoke a little

I always got a bag

But don't tell my mama cuz she always say I'm bad

Country wit my boxers and sneakers on

Right now my third leg need a sneaker on

[Chorus 2x]

[J-Kwon talkin over music]

Oh, now why is you

The only mutha fucker in here wit yo, pants on

Ain't no other ga' got they pants on ma

I'm sayin naw I mean I'm not tryin to offend you or nothing

I'm just sayin' I-I'm tryin' to amend you or somethin

Man quit playin and take ya clothes off NOW!!!!!

[Verse 3]

Girl quit playin the party almost over

Ain't nobody old enough to drink

But ain't nobody sober