They Ask Me


[J-Kwon talkin' over music]

Ya know, right now, whatever you smoke,

Right now cuz they ask me, and they ask me,

And they ask me, they ask me

[Verse 1]

Now they ask me

How you know so much at 17

What you mean?

You never seen a disfuctional teen

Mama cared for me

Papa wasnt their for me

Older brother sold dope and murph blurr for me

Times got hard I had to get harder

Let me take that back I had to get smarter

16, I had me a daughter

Hold up J-Kwon lets get shit in order

Baby mama thats a whole nother story

Both too young both too horney

Cell phone rung, but I didnt anwser

Check my voice mail, my grandma got cancer

Now she layin up in a old folks home

When it seamed like yesterday she was home

A month later stroke poped up

Her brain cells gone

The last thing she said was let no one steer you wrong, I'm grown


They ask me, do I believe in God

So I ask them, did I defeat the odds


[Verse 2]

Shit fucked up but I can't turn away now

Sold dope around the town, self esteem way down

Jessie made me tougher, he boxed me up

My mama put me in the system, she locked me up

Now this around the time that we lived on Haley

When I think about it I don't know none of my family

Except, for the immediate ones

Thats why I run to the streets and the gennies hand guns

He don't talk much so everybody wanna fight him

Every school I went to nobody liked him

Never could it be right

I'd try sometimes

So I chilled by myself and cry sometimes

And all I ask from Gods to buy sometime

Would I bring his name in it If I was lyin'

Now look at what the fuck I done, done

Terry Jones last son, this is a blessing

I'm grown



La, la, la, la, la, la, la

Now they ask me how you know so much at 17

What you mean

You never seen a disfuctional teen

La, la, la, la, la, la, la, woah

Times got har I had to get harder

Let me