My Enemies


*featuring Jermaine Dupri

[Jermaine Dupri chorus]

They my enemies

Dressed in my friends clothes

Dick ridin thinkin I don't know

They my enemies

Dressed in my friends clothes

Smile in my face but pop shit behind door

[J.D Bridge]

I wake up, knowin' I'm bout to see em' all in my face

Like what up, these mutha fuckers all over the place

I'm fed up, Homie I'm angry and I need me my space

And good luck, wit all that thinkin' you goin take my place

It's alot of niggas in this club popin' bub thats foney

Actin like they got nothing but love for the homie

Straight 2 faced like them niggas at Sony

(now ain't you the mayor)

I'm the one and only

For the longest me and my niggas

Been hittin this town like a storm

And now you gotta see me and Penny arm to arm

One day you'll get it

Keep tryin nigga

Yeah right you ballin, keep tryin nigga

I know alot of ballers

Half of em' hate me

Bankrupt, bitch you must ain't see my moms lately

Be damned if you like me

Give a fuck what you rate me

I only know 2 words

And nigga thats pay me

Now we finna stop talkin shit about J.D

Cuz he been doin' this shit since yall was babies

How you goin' try to degrade me

Yall aint my friends nigga I ain't crazy

[J.D Chorus]

[J.D Bridge]


Now I'm what can chill

Till the moment I lose mine

And when I lose mines

Gun stores gone lose nines

I thought you knew Kwon keep 8 on the waist line

I'm from the Lou

Kwon flip H to waist time

I spit it, for niggas who don't fee my shit

She a whore I don't like her

You can get on my bitch

She want a war, what for I'll peel this bitch

Body lifted gun wit it I don't need this shit

You my enemie

Dressed in my friends clothes

But when I shoot I do better

Than Shaq doin free throws

A bunch of niggas trippin

That got the game wrong

A bunc