Missing You Everywhere

Harry Nagle

Up on this ledge
missing you
leaning so far
kissing you
how'd I ever get up this high?
Leap and never look I can fly with you
funny how I don't have to try
love you all the time I could die for you

Out on this limb
missing you
knuckles turned white
wishing you
could reach your hands and just pull me in
or climb on out and help me to live this life
show me how the peices can fit
be with me and everything feels alright

play back your messages
don't screen my calls anymore
walk by the places we walked
dream that you're here by my side
carry your pictures around
till they're tattered and worn
play back the words that you said
in my head till it's sore

Holding the air
kissing you
holding myself
tight like you
knowing this song's all I can do with you
thought of you - it just came right out
feeling your so near when I play this tune
making love to you with this sound