Harry Nagle

Said I'd catch you when you fall
you know I always will
and all the tricks that kept you standing
they make you stand too still
I'll be here - free those fears

and you know I'd Climb
I would climb the hills to reach you
and I'd Climb
I would scale thos walls around you

they'll be times you get so scared
you have to crawl inside
and when the courage comes back
and you dress and go outside
cross that line - live your life


I'd twist all sorts of ways to fit inside
slip by the barricades
the past devised
and you know I'd Climb
would you hear me fall?
would you hear me falling down?

Said I'd be here when you rise
from the sleep that you've been on
scrape the past from tired eyes
and help you carry on
slow to rise, fade to light