Cold In Your Country

Harry Nagle

It was cold in your country
it was cold in your bed
you left the windows open
claustrophobic, you said

and I was the need and
you so satisfied
a standoff, stillborn, side by side
and I was excitement
and you were annoyed
too scared of this scared little boy

I was free in your district
I was strange as it all was
you were tied-up by life there
what you needed, what you loved

and we had our dream in my land far away
the place where you learned how to play
but dreams always end at the start of your days
the colors would fade into gray

and that's how we made no sense
to lose it all we took our chance
we picked ourselves up where we left off
my fate couldn't bend your will
your hope couldn't keep me stiill
your hands couldn't teach me to hold off
behind the North Sea you hid me, too cold to breathe

It was quiet by the river
as we cut into the fog
you gave up my hand to free you
when the sun broke, you were lost

and rivers just run where
the lowest point leads
all those tears that I
dropped on my knees
the fog really showed us
we never got close
your hand disappeared past your nose