Front Line Assembly

Please help me!"

"Hostages unguarded, one hostage dead."

"Two terrorists dead."

"Would you like to know what the diagnosis was?"

"Some kind of electrical discharge."

. . points

Now the anguish

Animate your conscience

Know, know their downfall.

Give them enough rope,

And they'll hang themselves.

Hardly a day goes by

When your hear that fatal cry

That hoping feeling

To comfort distress

So cold so warm

So resentful

Expose the skin

Know, know the downfall

Crushing, crushing the

Your so warm, with

Its sets into beleagured animation

The ???? so cold, they

Trapped to pieces

Looking for artificial insemination

Scrape, scrape the skin off your bones.

Inemissive preabduction

Totally artificial insemination

So cold


"Hostages unguarded, one hostage dead."

"Two terrorists dead