Front Line Assembly

"Animal rights ????"

"Keeping the brain going with microshocks."

Melted faces

Fractured cells

Implanted memories

Syringe of hell

Crippled mutants

Strapped with chains

Tortured users

Laughing in pain

The track marks your spine, they say

Machines are humans

We're programmed that way

In God we trust

Empty vastness

You can't hear a sound

In space they float

Users unbound

The pulse it races

Chest is tight

A higher feeling

Censored with fright

"I believe in disease"

"I believe in pain, cruelty and infidelity"

Synthetic stimulant

Artificial plague

Demented erosion

Existence for a new way

In God we trust

In God we trust

"???? and corruption"

In God we trust

In God we trust