This Faith

Front Line Assembly

Faces of a Thousand People

The Sickness in Their Mind Is Real

We Fight and Struggle to Survive

This Cultured Way of Suicide

This Faith Is Real the Betrayal

As We Fall From The Sky

Our Lives Pass By

Emerging from This Vision

Life Is Stranger than Death

Abusive Statements form The Ranks

Intimidation Has Its Way. The Sun Comes Up

Another Day

...Just to Fade Away Again

The Strategies of Men Appear

...World Destruction Now Is Here

This Faith Is Real the Betrayal

Decades Gone By

...Nothing Changed

Mankind Cruelty is Still The Same

Seeking Shelter From This Day

Tomorrow Victims Are Here to Stay

Another Lonely Night Appears

You Close Your Eyes with Hardened Tears

This Faith Is Real

The Betrayal

Thw World As We Know Destroyed