It's A Good Thing We Get Paid To Do This

Frank Zappa & the Mothers

Mark: It's a good thing we get paid to do this. I could be in L.A., getting reamed, listening to an Elton John album

Howard: Don't even talk about getting reamed. Listen, I've been without female companionship for so long, a career as a Jesuit monk was inviting, Ian is starting to look good to me

George: Must be his green velour socks!

Mark: Just calm down there, Duke. Ever since you left the jazz world to seek fame and fortune in the rock'n'roll industry . . .

Jeff: What do you mean rock'n'roll? This fucking band doesn't even play rock'n'roll, it's all that comedy crap!

Ian: If we play any rock'n'roll we might make some money. I wouldn't mind playing some rock'n'roll, uh, I like classical music too, but that doesn't mean I wouln't enjoy playing rock'n'roll. I mean, it's not very challenging, intelectually, but I wouldn't mind if we did some rock'n'roll. We could vote on it

Jeff: Vote on it, for what? To tell Zappa we wanna play some good music instead of this comedy shit . . . ?

Aynsley: I wouldn't mind playing some more rock'n'roll, it'd be more commercial, sort of heavy, four parts harmony, group vocals and a very heavy beat, that the kids could enjoy it. I think we'd definitely make more money that way

Ian: Maybe after we finish the movie we could play more rock'n'roll

Mark: Yeah! We all quit and form other groups and play more rock'n'roll

Jeff: And more blues, extended blues, blues that's still down and funky, even though you extended it. George knows what I'm talking about, don't you, George?

George: Leave me out of it, I come from the jazz world. I know all about these groups that get formed and disappear, with their extensions waving in the moonlight

Mark: You just calm down there, Duke

Jeff: Maybe we could all form a group, we can elect a leader . . . Howard . . . we can call it Howard Kaylan World.

Ian: We wouldn't have to have any leader

Jeff: We could just jam a lot

Aynsley: There was hav