Frank Zappa & the Mothers

Ballen von Zecken

Und alten Sporthemden, Sporthemden, Sporthemden

Lachen von Feuer

Lachen von Gummi

Lachen von Tränen

(Sheets of tears)

Ooh ooh ooh awh . . .

Lachen von getrocknetem Wasser

(Sheets of drywall and roofing)

Lachen von drywall und roofing

(Sheets of large deprived rumba)

Lachen von riesigen, tief-gefrorenen Rumba

A light shines down from heaven

A dense ecumenical bandana

At the right hand of God's big rumba

And his voice pronounceth out

In sheets of plywood

And bales of old sportshirts

And this is what he said

Beklecker nicht

Beklecker nicht

Beklecker nicht

Beklecker nicht

Mein Sofa!

And you know what that means . . .