Speak No Evil


[Featuring Kool Nick]

I'm in the studio with my brotha

the half asiatic

you know the fraction of black skin and a smidget of white

It's my brotha Kool Nick

and we about to drop some science on the this track

about God and what not and the world...

Step up and bow your head

be greatful your hungry for knowledge

I'm serving a plate full of 12 course meals

and a black plate of of wax through MC's

Sit back and relax

try to digest the data that I feed you

I'm actin' this way 'cause I'm bred to the color of my skin

Something I take pride in

still my people insist on hidin' the American dream

and it's like the home of the free

and mom's apple pie

I got whiped for the meltin' pod

I guess not

Kid stuck up for his rights and got shot

Yah, I speak no evil 2X

Yo, Nikc do me a favor

Step up!

[Kool Nick]

his world is crazy

it must be sick

be like Nick

get ricious real quick

Jews, Muslims, Buddah Baptists

Brought up like the Merry Christmas

see salvation

every pinch of rhyme is from my heart

and I meant this

Jesus...Scattered his blood for me

He hung on a cross

You know that story

Nowadays a lot of people are trying to worship Satan

But your gonna fry in hell

I'm never burning up the forcast

No change in weather

damn the Devil would never twist this mind with the mark of the 666

Thanks God there no one equal

that's why I say no evil 2X

Listen to the story of my savor

and how he gave up life to let uslive

that's a hell of a gift to give

kick it E

Now as I take a look around

I d