Na Na Nahh Na Na Na Nahh Na Hey Hey Hey...Goodbye! 2X

Goodbye Goodbyeit's over

we're through

it's done

our relationship is no longer one on one

so I guit girl

I don't need this

I'm disgraced

'cause in my face

you spin

I quit stepin' out wit another guy

after givin' you my love I deserve to know why

how long has this been going on

how long have you been doin' me raw

you thought I didn't know

you thought I wouldn't go

well, that's why I'm makin' this song

to say goodbye

Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye! 2X

Pack your bags

get out of site

I won't see you with a man on another night

you try to play me like a fool

but now you see you've been schooled

by the E

and it's plain to see

you thought you had luck like a four-leaf clover

well, your luck just ran out

home girl it's over

I hope you had a lot a fun

were you lyin' when you said I'm #1

well, I guess it don't matter

it makes no difference

I cought you wit' a smokin' gun

or so to speak

girl you a natural born sneak

and the hand you delt me was really weak

but that's alright, you won't see me cryin'

I brush a girl off when I catch her lyin'

so when I toss you out

don't dare ask why

don't try to return wit' a tear in your eye

that's just my way of sayin' goodbye...

Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Na-Na-Nahh-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey...Goodbye! 2X

using me

confusing me

inside you abusing me

wise up girl

I ain't playin'

you try to make it better by sa