Love For The Real


Her skin is salty sweet, she wore sandals on her feet

Side by side we fell asleep in her mother's bed

She stepped inside of me, she said don't ever lie to me

This heart of mine can be yours

Yea that's what she said

But I just played the role, broke the heart I stole

Cause I was young and dumb and fucked up in the head


Do you want to be loved for real, do you want to be loved for real

Do you want to be...loved, (Yes, I wanna be loved for real)

For real, (Do you want to be in love for real)

(Yes, I want to be in love for real)

Now, I'm down by the river, taking off my shoes

Jump in the water, wash away these blues

Now out into the ocean, the current takes hold

Words already been spoken, tales already been told

Heart's already been broken, wounds already been healed

Do you wannabe loved, do you wanna

Do you wannabe love for real.

Chorus (2x)

Her eyes were hazel brown, she laughed the sweetest sound

And I just loved the way she lit up when she spoke

She help to ease my pain, she stayed through pouring rain

And I gave her all that she could take till she broke

She fit me like a glove, she taught me how to love

And for some ass I watched it all go up in smoke Chorus (4x)