Soopa Doopa


I'm used to driving Benzes and Porches and Corvettes
You might see me in LA on Sunset
Or in Nevada, betting, three-digit degrees, not sweating
Wearing leather, super fly, light as a feather
Esham, Louie Vaton
Guns like megatron
Won't stop my reign on the world till Armeggedon come
Underground phenemenon
I wrote the Necronomicon
You's an autobot, I'm a decepticon
Never stepping without my weapon son, the Smith and Wesson
Teach you a lesson son
In the blackout I was gone and knowing where the pressures on
Don't sleep till dawn
All those who doze, wake up with your shit gone
Emergency, emergency, Dr. Evil, brain surgery
Go to court in the trial took the stand, commited purgery
Kavorkian, King the scorpian
Killed them all, but some still choose to plot on my downfall
I'm a mo-onster, I'm a co-onquer
Suicidalist, murder be my sponser
How you gonna reason with a psycho
I might go blaow when the gat sparks glow like tyco

Kill all heros (Kill all heros)
Easily (Easily)
Who is Super Villains? (Who is Super Villains?)

I'm used to having money and product and narcotics
Bitches on my dick still begging me for dollars
Hollar hollar if you heard me from Detroit to the dirty
We fly like a birdy, hummers spinning thirties
Tony Montana, Esham bandana
Body snatcher, running through your mind like Scanners
Original murder planners, the villains they never ran us
I do it like a pimp like Little Flip and David Banner
Supersonic, byonic, electronic, to smoking chronic
Fuck the world, as I twirl, as I sip another tonic
Super wickid shit I spit, I make my victim wanna vomit
Soopa Doopa!
Super labratory, spitting on a super microphone
Super stretch limo, pick me up to take me to the super dome
I'm a Soopa Villain, holding on the Soopa Chrome
Fuck with me and get your brains blown hoes