Bitch it's time to get paid
How paid?
Fuck a silly snitch
Smoke a motherfucker down
Smoking on a Philly
Nigga say he gonna kill me
Oh really?
Is he? Is he? Is he? Is he crazy?
Fucking around with Rosemary's Baby
Maybe he just wanna die
Maybe he just wanna die
I be the one to bust shots
I be the one you fuck not
Plus got more raps than any rhymer on your roster
Fake ass wigga
You just an imposter
Gots to bust ya down with the gauge
As I read ya mind I flip the page
It's a new day and age
2000 A.D
Still they trying to play me like a dog with Rabies
They say he's crazy
Stay up out his way
Before he hits you wit the A-K spray
I see you like uh, C-B-S
We smoke the Ganj cause we be stressed
Fuck with me and catch eternal rest
This is for my niggas in the low lows
On the do low stay away from the Po Po's
I smoke a Pink Panther until I go doze
And after that I go powder my nose