Finger In The Cake Mix


Funky rhymes I like goin' in from behind
Take my finger and dip it in
Hittin' them skins, much skins
I like choclate with extra cream
Hittin' them cakes a daily routine
Stir it with my finger, just like a stick
The devil's out the soup,
Now he's in the cake mix
This time, I gotta mix it up
The sugar's in one cup,
The cream in another cup
Upside down, cake rattle n' roll
The cake mix runs down side of the bowl
I dip my face in the bowl, just to get a sniff
Kinda smells fishy once I get a wiff
Take my spoon and stir it up,kinda good
Now I got a woody-wood pecker could I whisper in your ear,
And tell you what I need
How many cakes to fill one man's greed?
One ho cake, two ho cakes, damn,
Damn, I think I'm stirrin' kinda slow
5 ho cakes, 6 ho cakes
I got my finger in your cake mix

What's the matter with my cake batter?
I need a jimmy hat like the mad hatter
Too much cream, baby, def' too much
I guess you like your cake mixed with nuts
Spread that cake mix nice and thick
Lick the spoon like you lick my dick
I don't think it's ready for the oven yet
We'll both know when we start to sweat
Betty Crocker, drink some vodka
Then I stuck her with my cocka
You got cake mix on your drawers
I got cake mix on my balls
This cake mix is nice and sweet
But this cake mix you do not eat
This cake mix is soft and wet
And just to get my dick erect
You might say that I'm kinda sick
But that's what's happenin' when I'm rappin' 'bout your little girl's cake mix

I got caught with my finger in the cake mix
I don't like trick or treatin'
I'd rather have a trick
And if you got me some dessert
Just open up your shirt
I'll stick my spoon in the mix
And then I'll go to work
Your oven is hot, it's ready to bake
The devil's in your soup as you masturbate
As you jerk my dick or mix with my spoon
It's gonna add flavor to the cake mix soon
The cake is mellow and moist and wet
I never had a cake that made me sweat
It's like a Dunkan Hines a Hostess twinkie pie
Put my face too close to the cake and got cream in my eye
There's nothin' I can't mix
There's nothin 'I can't fix
But while I'm bakin' cakes
I got my finger in the cake mix