Can't Take That


I know how it feels to wake up fucked up

With pockets on E, and bad company.

I wish I had a key too open all the locks

I'd open all the blocks, flood em all with rocks.

Keep clockin knots, cause it dont stop .

Stay close to a chop, just in case you think not.

Baking soda in the water till it bubble in the pot.

When its dry it's hard like candy, butter cookies what you got.

Break it down into some boulders, fifties look like butterscotch

Now i'm on the streets, another plan, a money plot

Buy a brand new Benz before you rolled it off the lot

It really don't mean shit, if your ass get shot


You can't take it with you

All them things that money buy

You won't need 'em when you die, baby

You can't take it with you

Even when they hit you with 50 bullets

Fifty times in your nugget, fuck it

Love it or hate, like it or not

I really gives a fuck what rabbit gets shot

Sedidate me, baby, lately, I've been crazy,

Caught up in the world of madness can't phase me

Suicidal, fuck American Idol, rock my recital

Esham is my title, vital, visions are homicidal

But that don't matter, even when your blood gets splattered

Caps going off like the Mad Hatter

You can be poor or filthy rich

Cause nobody can buy eternal life up in this bitch.

You can't take it with you

All them things that money buy

You won't need 'em when you die, baby

(Everything... Money, Cars, Jewelry... all of it...)

"Our dear brother right here was a good brother. He had money and diamonds.

He got diamonds all... all right now, but we gonna take all that...

before we put him in the ground we gonna take all that off his body.

But, anyway... He had a mansion... he had a mansion...

But he don't need that where he goin. We gonna be livin it up...

He had a purdy wife, he won't be needin her no more. The church gonna take care of her-"

You can't take it with you

No l