Tell Em

Erick Sermon

featuring Keith Murray and Rosalyn


You abou to come through right. (Yeah don't stress it.) You about to come

through. (I got this check this out man.) You ain't gonna front on me (I

ain't gonna front on niggas man.) Make sure man I'm tellin' you right now.

(Check this out. What I'm about to do right now.) You gonna kick it word

up. Ha

Erick Sermon:

Personal ggats I gots about 11 without weapons I swing more bats than K7

Plus, I'm soup like Campbell without heaven

Some rappers pack great big guns like Frank Drebbin

In this century I uphold the crown, for bringin' Flavor In Ya Ear

Plus I'm Gettin' Down, I manuver techniques for species of all kinds

The third, yours and mine, introduction is in full effect

I come with the mothership and some other shit

Yeah all the way live like a concert

The most respected brother, puttin' in some work


Yeah if you got a crew you better tell em.

E kicks rhymes from the cerebellum. Don't slip or you won't be around next


"Well heres a little something that needs to be heard." - Slick Rick


Check the poetry in motion, from this bom bazi smokin'

Bitch that get you open, it's mess if you tangle with my tresses

Cause I posses gifts that's wickeder than Hexas

That explode on the scene be all means, I be flushing MC's like queens

And none of y'all can see me, got more boom bom than Manzini

Your style is strickly primi, and I stomp with the big dogs

Off the wall with a crew that rough enough to Rush Limbaugh

We stay, strapped, part of Packed Pistol Posse

I represent through mind soul and body

In any form I'm doin' work over beat breaks

Now even cheap